[Cat]SK Hynix : platinum P41 (Supersonic Car)

[ Commercial ]

SK Hynix : platinum P41 (Supersonic Car)

The main 3 selling points of skHynix ssd P41 were compared to the driving performance of sports cars.
1. Show the fast speed of P41 by increasing the driving speed of the car.
2. Expressing Stability and reliability as soon as a car drifts on a rough road.
3. Express power efficiency of P41 by cooling the overheated body.


Client - Sk Hynix

Agency - Visual Intelligence, LENNON


Creative Director - Kim Yoonpil

Project Manager - Kim Yoonpil

Previz & Layout - Kim Yoonpil

Lookdev - Kim Yoonpil, Lim Yeji

Rigging - Kim Yoonpil, Moon Yeji

Particle VFX - Kim Yoonpil, Jung Suwon

Project Assistant - Moon Yeji, Lim Yeji

Behance : dashyou