[Cat]SK Hynix : platinum P41 (Supersonic Spaceship)

[ Commercial ]

SK Hynix : platinum P41 (Supersonic Spaceship)


the harsh course of a spacecraft departing from Earth into space.
The process of overcoming these difficulties was compared to the user selling point of the product.



Client - Sk Hynix
Agency - Visual Intelligence

Creative Director - Kim Yoonpil
Project Manager - Kim Yoonpil
Previz & Layout - Kim Yoonpil, Lim Yeji
Character Animation - Moon Yeji
Lookdev - Kim Yoonpil, Lim Yeji, Moon Yeji
Rigging - Kim Yoonpil, Moon Yeji
Particle VFX - Dohzah, Kim Yoonpil
Project Assistant - Moon Yeji, Lim Yeji